TapHero Trades Business Management App

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TapHero is designed to help you turn wasted time and resources into new revenue opportunities for your field trades business. Here’s how it works.


Powerful features for managing your trades business

Doing your job is only part of your job. We help by simplifying the boring stuff like scheduling, reporting, support and getting your team paid on time.

Automated Invoicing and Payment

When a customer signs up with TapHero we collect and store their payment information. When they book their initial call, we change them, take a small commission and pass the money to you.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

It's hard to grow your revenue without being able to see your business. Our reporting tools give business owners the visibility they need to make smarter decisions faster.

AI Assistant

Say hello to the newest member of your team. Our AI tools provide an extra set of hands that can help with everything from summarizing customer calls to directing support requests to the right place.

AI Assistant

We've leveraged AI systems to power tools that saves time by directing customer support requests to relevant resources. AI will also create notes from your customer calls, so you can stay in the moment.

Customizable for Your Business Needs

As your business and business needs grow, we'll be there as partners listening and building additional features to address your present and future needs.

Customer Testimonials

We love our users and they love us

"TapHero is a game-changer for anyone in need of expert advice or assistance. I was able to schedule a video call with an RV maintenance expert and get my questions answered in no time. The ability to see rates upfront and schedule appointments made the whole process so easy and stress-free."


Atlanta, GA


"I was having some issues with my yacht and needed help from an expert, but I didn't know where to turn. TapHero connected me with a yacht maintenance professional who was able to provide clear, concise guidance and walk me through the necessary repairs."


Miami, FL

"TapHero has been an incredible platform to connect with customers and provide valuable services. The ability to schedule appointments and see when customers are online has made it easier to manage my schedule and provide high-quality advice and assistance. I highly recommend TapHero to anyone looking to offer their expertise in a convenient, user-friendly way."


Yacht Mechanic

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