TapHero is a more efficient way to
service customers.  resolve problems remotely.  save travel time

There are lots of tools that help grow your business, but we’ve built one that is simple to use and works. It's not just about growing your customer base - it's about leveraging technology to schedule smarter, getting paid faster and manage your business better.

Purpose-built for field trades professionals

Yacht / Boat Servicing


Auto / RV Mechanics



Audio / Visual Professionals

Video support + advanced billing technology

Get paid for sharing expertise remotely

You've got expertise. It’s why you’re in demand. We want to help you share that knowledge with more customers. With TapHero, you can diagnose or potentially solve issues right from the app and automatically get paid without having to roll trucks around town. If you're sharing your thoughts for free, we're here to help you start getting paid for them.

We also take the hassle out of the "getting paid" part. Customers load their payment information when they sign up, and are automatically billed, so no more chasing invoices.

Stop making unnecessary trips

On average, a fully booked local services crew rolls a truck to 7-10 appointments every week that could have been solved remotely. With TapHero, our goal is to bring that number down to ZERO, while making sure you still get paid for your expertise. 

Getting paid is getting easier

Streamline your invoicing and payments

As a professional, your expertise is in demand. This shouldn't be restricted by where you're located. Your brain works the same in Florida as it does in California as it does in Belize or Thailand. With TapHero, we've unleashed your expertise, giving you the ability to be a hero anywhere you're needed. It's the smart way for pros to grow their services business.

Advanced AI Tools

Harness the power of AI

With TapHero, we've applied the power of AI to our revolutionary support tools. With AI, we can identify issues and point you to resources needed to solve your problems faster. AI also works in the background during support calls, breaking down your conversations with customers down into usable documentation.

Our AI tools are crafted specifically for local service providers, letting you efficiently summarize every customer call and accurately direct support requests without the hassle of hiring, training, and paying new employees. Streamline your workflow, deliver exceptional service, and save valuable time and money. The future starts now at TapHero.

Client testimonials

"TapHero is a game-changer for anyone in need of expert advice or assistance. I was able to hop on a video call with an RV maintenance expert and get my questions answered in no time. The ability to see rates upfront made the whole process so easy and stress-free."


Atlanta, GA


"I was having some issues with my yacht and needed help from an expert, but I didn't know where to turn. TapHero connected me with a yacht maintenance professional who was able to provide clear, concise guidance and walk me through the necessary repairs."


Miami, FL

"TapHero has been an incredible platform to connect with customers and provide valuable services. The ability to see when customers are online has made it easier to provide high-quality advice and assistance. I highly recommend TapHero to anyone looking to offer their expertise in a convenient, user-friendly way."


Yacht Mechanic

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